Gold Doubloon

Gold Doubloon

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Struck in .999 Fine Silver and Layered in 24 Karat Gold. Meticulously Struck Similar to How The Original Treasure Coins Were Over 300 Years Ago.

Struck to The Exact Size and Weight of an Actual spanish 2 Escudo Gold Coin from The Golden Age of caribbea','Up and down the Spanish Main there are legends of buried treasure — from the buried loot of Captain Kidd and Blackbeard to sunken Spanish galleons bursting with treasure. While shipwrecks and buried treasure have spawned tales of sword fights and bawdy sailors, it’s the untold dreams of wealth in the form of Gold Doubloons that really get our hearts racing. But unless you’re one of the fortunate few lucky enough to find one of these historic beauties washed up on a Caribbean beach, you could expect to pay up to $3,500 for a Gold Pirate Doubloon.

Now you don’t have to pry open your treasure chest to acquire these treasures because has officially recreated the famous Gold Doubloons of the Caribbean Pirates! Unlike inferior cast giftshop tokens, each has been meticulously struck in a way similar to how the original treasure coins were over 300 years ago! This means that each and every one is a unique individual miniature work of art with fascinatingly irregular edges that give each piece its own timeless, romantic allure. And this kind of Old World craftsmanship doesn’t stop there! After each Doubloon was struck in pure 99.9% silver to the exact size & weight of original pirate doubloons, they were lovingly layered in 24-Karat gold so that they radiate the same gleam that made Blackbeard & Captain Kidd’s eyes sparkle as they pried open their treasure chests in the early 1700s!

The New World’s First Gold Coin. Spain was the first nation to benefit from the discovery of the New World as Conquistadores swept through Mexico, Central America and South America. Their investment paid off as rich deposits of silver and gold were discovered. The first gold coins struck from this newfound wealth were doubloons. It wasn’t long before Spanish ships sagging under the weight of gold doubloons attracted the attention of buccaneers eager for a share of the loot. Governed more by the consistency of their weight than by the quality of their strikes, gold doubloons were struck in abundance, but thanks to pirates and shipwrecks, very few exist in nice condition.

The specially-minted pieces available in this offer are all well-struck and show the rich, intricate detail intended for the original coins. Each shows the Spanish cross on one side and Spanish shield on the other. They’re perfect for gift-giving and make a delightful display in any home or office.